Hello my name is Brian Shirra and I write under the name Scotianightpoetry. As the name suggests I am keen on poetry in all of its various forms. I began writing quite a number of years ago and that resulted from an unusual request from my children. Night after night I would read them bedtime stories and they soon tired of hearing the same old ones. To cut a long story short I started to make up stories and the children seemed to enjoy these. For some reason I never wrote them down and this often resulted in me being scolded by the children who seemed to easily recall the stories in greater detail than I. Soon I was not only writing their bedtime stories but had moved on to a great love of mine from my youth: poetry.

Throughout this blog you will find my latest posts and links to the many fine artists and writers that I have been fortunate enough to find on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook.

Copyright Notice
Please note that all poems, stories, photos and notes are copyright Brian Shirra, unless stated otherwise, and therefore must not be used without express permission of the author.

6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. In a rural, one-roomed school where my mother was the teacher, I was the only student in Grade Two. Mother asked me one day to write a story I could share with the 3 students in Grade One. I was thrilled. The only part of the story I remember is about a porcupine flipping its tail and sending needles into something or someone. The grade one boy shouted, “Porcupines can’t throw needles at you!”

    I was mortified. I wouldn’t finish the story.

    I didn’t write another one ’til I grew smarter and realized I could have capitalized on his outburst and said, “Well this particular one had verrrry special skills! I’ll show you why.”

  2. what a wonderful story you shared about your children and your bedtime stories, ty for that.
    i thought i’d visit a bit to acknowledge and thank you for following my poetry and writing, encouragement is always really appreciated. peace.

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