Today I write with invisible ink
but so are ideas
a price worth paying of course
why get beaten up again

I hear that they also read minds
cogitation imprisoned in the ether
now I don’t have such thoughts
such ideas that make a difference

So I write with invisible ink
but I cannot tell when it is


Currently Reading: “Phases of The Moon”

Just a quick note to mention Louise Hastings’ book “Phases of The Moon.” There are already a number of 5 star reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, but for the few that have not read it yet here is a link to my own review here: Phases of The Moon by Louise Hastings on Amazon UK.

and a link to the book itself here: Phases of The Moon.

Currently Reading: “Dirty Beautiful Words”

I am currently reading Dirty Beautiful Words by the author, Brooklyn Brayl. You may recall that I posted a link (Promoting Writers page on Facebook) to their video on 3rd September, describing it as provocative.The same could be said for the book. The poetry throughout is very special for it describes the emotional and mental turmoil of someone who finds themselves trapped between genders. The journey, described through original and occasionally witty wordplay, is sometimes harrowing, ugly and depressing and yet the reader feels empathy and compassion.

It is available on Amazon – but you can find out more information here:


There is nothing scholarly here,
I mean what I say from the heart,
No ambition to be a Shakespeare,
Just a writer with ideas to impart.

There is nothing academic here,
No subtle revolutionary rhyme,
Just words that are hopefully clear,
That once in my head, were all mine.

poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2013

image: morguefile

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