We Say Far Too Little

We could give up watching television
and tune in to radio’s nicer images,
where all politicians are handsome,
wise, wholesome and trustworthy.

We say far too little, think far too much
about the whos, whats and whys of life,
forgetting that the statistics we portray
are the poor, the disenfranchised masses.

We have created the gatekeepers to food,
shelter, health, and future happiness,
they are the ones who keep us safe
so that others perish in our place.

We can unlock the future of the poor,
by opening up all hearts and minds,
making political systems accountable
in this world of diminishing resources.

We must say more, think more,do more.

poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2015

Author: Scotia Night Poetry

All original words on these pages are © Brian Shirra (also known as Scotianightpoetry) 2020. Embedded images or videos are copyright the aforementioned author except where credited otherwise. New book, called Shadow Dances, out now on kindle at Amazon.

3 thoughts on “We Say Far Too Little”

  1. This poem, Brian, touches so many sore place. I think for me the last two stanzas are the most powerful, the most moving … to tears. A wonderful contribution to the conversation and consciousness raising today for 100TPC. Warmest regards and much appreciation, Jamie


  2. I think politicians talk way too much, in circles and in mumbo jumbo jargon that in the end only serves themselves. They need to be muzzled and disenfranchised from their positions so the rest of us can get something productive done in this country.


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