Love Song (without a chorus)

I’m doing what I can
not thinking of tomorrow
for thinking of tomorrow
hurts my brain

Am I the kind of man
when introduced to loving
was unaware that loving
did the same

I’m doing what I can
remembering the good times
for only in the good times
were we sane



poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2015


5 thoughts on “Love Song (without a chorus)

  1. Hi there Brian, got here in the end… Of your recent ones – this is the one I like the most, I think. Enjoy the whimsical clarity of your voice that is your own and usually carries a bit of a puny too, but delicately delivered – very nice… With Best Wishes Scott

    1. Thank you. Various issues prevent me from writing long pieces at this time so I am trying my hand at being succinct with just four lines. Not everything I do rhymes I am glad to say. I visited your site again and was really impressed. Cheers.

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