A Found First Line Poem

Fragile gods made from ephemera, paper,
It began when, as a child, you would lie in the grass
I pour the creamy, white liquid into the glass
Looking for love, or just a casual affair?
There are grapes that taste like cotton candy
Biding my time
We come from the unknown and we go on moving into the unknown


Please note that I do not own the copyright to any of these lines and this was just an experiment. Please click on the bloggers lines here to read their material more fully and perhaps follow them. All have been re-blogged on my sister site: http://mybewilderedbrain.wordpress.com/

Thanks to all – Brian.


Author: Scotia Night Poetry

All original words on these pages are © Brian Shirra (also known as Scotianightpoetry) 2020. Embedded images or videos are copyright the aforementioned author except where credited otherwise. New book, called Shadow Dances, out now on kindle at Amazon.

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