The Keepsake

A light summer breeze calls for more casual dress,
No jacket, or perhaps carefully laced through a shoulder bag.
Court shoes for comfort and repelling male colleagues
Dark hair, fairly short but wavy with layer after layer.

An upturned nose, that Audrey Hepburn look, a winner.
Her beautiful smile, lit whenever she recognised someone.
The carefree way that she moved, that also moved me,
A pain in my chest whenever she alighted from the bus.

Amazingly I got to know her. She spoke to me first (naturally).
She noticed me smiling at her and asked if she could sit by me.
Gradually we learned some things about each other – her boyfriend,
my girlfriend, favourite nights out – a journeying friend on a morning bus.

Looking back was she ever more than that? No and yes.
Here was someone that I looked forward to meeting every day,
my life enhanced whenever we spent that little time together.
Deeply disappointed whenever she was not there.

Now. Now she is a memory, a keepsake that I cannot hold and
do not need to. She is a smile that returns to my face when I think
about her. Once there was a wish on my part to be more than this.
I wonder if she thinks about, or even remembers, me. I hope so.


poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2014


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