The Interview (five minutes with God)

Five Minutes with… God

01 You are always very busy, do you ever get a chance to rest?

02 Do you have any hobbies or things you do to unwind?

03 Have you a good sense of humour and can you give examples?

04 Millions pray to you daily how do you manage to answer them all?

05 Who is your favourite artist and why? – This can be across any of the creative arts.

06 What is your favourite colour?

07 How would you rate the human race out of ten on maintaining the Earth?

08 Is there anyone, perhaps even another “being”, that you admire?

09 Are we just one of many projects that you have underway across the known universe?

10 What is the most important lesson that the human race has not yet learned and why?

11 Is there anything that you would go back and change about something you created?

12 There seems to be so many “Gods” it is confusing. So why create so many?

13 How did you qualify to be God?

14 Why did you give the human race free will?

15 If you were not God what would you be?

16 You had a son, do you consider yourself a good father?

17 Do you have a favourite period in history and why?

18 If you had a wife how would you feel and what would you do if she had a child with another?

19 Where were you on the 26th December 2004?

20 Is there anything that might make you think about retiring?

2 thoughts on “The Interview (five minutes with God)

  1. After reading each of the above, God thoughtfully paused, then responded with a smile: “The answer my son is whatever you would most like it to be. For it is you, not I, who has defined me to be.”

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