There is a sound to Autumn

I stumbled upon this piece that I had written some time ago and yes, it was Autumn when I wrote it. I hope that you like it.

There is a sound to autumn
a pulse that slows
to a rhythm of crushed leaves
where brief moments of silence
echo into a solitary song

There is a mood to autumn
captured in a diffused light
lending it’s glow to nature’s
growth and death throes
and seen falling from the sky

There is an autumn misunderstood
a relaxed air of thoughtfulness
giving way not to renewal
but to instinctive basic survival
the scattering of dna far and wide

There is an autumn color
that is generic magazine filler
the damp smell missing, the cold too
never shine through the print
a child’s paint box of rough hues

There is an autumn coming
where decay shall bequeath
a golden future
to the forests changed daily
through light, shade and sound

poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2014 (original written 2012).


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