Introducing My Bewildered Brain


A big thanks to all who have clicked the “like” on my various meanderings these past couple of years. Where would I be without people reading the things I have written? In fact where would we all be? We’d be insane that’s where we’d be.

To this end – and not wishing to actually go mad, well not quite yet that is – I have taken the liberty of creating another WordPress blog called, not inappropriately, “My Bewildered Brain” where I re-blog any blogs that I have found interesting. It doesn’t matter what they are about by the way, so expect the unexpected – and not just poetry!

I tried re-blogging a few times on this blog but it irritated me beyond measure because, would you believe, it didn’t look nice. Yes I am that retentive! Anyway why not mosey on down to the new blog to see if I have picked up on your own latest masterpieces of writing, art, photography or thought.

Remember too that you can catch up with me on a variety of other wavelengths such as, Twitter, and Facebook where I am found here, here and erm here. Why not drop me a line telling me what’s good, what’s bad and what’s, I don’t know, something in between?

Love and peace to all – Brian.

Go on, give me some feedback..

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