A Chorus Line

Listening to birdsong on the radio
is a strange concept. But is it?
We should be used to it by now.

After all, is the scale not just 12 notes?
Seven created for chanting monks
and five more for Led Zeppelin.

So the blackbird on a plastic gutter
plays an open air gig for free
like the Apple rooftop in ’69.

Waders, warblers, sparrows and the rest
share our common heritage:
the love of music.

Maybe we need more blackbirds,
perhaps a chorus line chanting
spiritual lullabies.

It’s a strange world where
one earns it’s bread but eats only crumbs
while the other makes so much bread.

Yoko, in feathers, screeching
from a bag in the middle of the stage
used the same scale.

Stammerers stammer less or not at all
by singing what they are saying.
We could all do the same.

Music is the powerful communicator
of feelings and emotions that course
through all lifeforms.

Tune into the latest movers and shakers
stand in your garden for 20 minutes
to commune with nature.

poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2012


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