disunited kingdom

We live in the strangest of days
where care is measured in
pounds saved per lives lived.

Where the disabled, the low paid,
the unemployed and the pensioner
are all in this together.

Where politics is ever more remote
and the church cannot save itself
while the media pickpockets each other.

We live in the strangest of days
where, with hands still firmly in the till,
suits apologise for not being diligent enough.

Where lacking diligence means wishing
that they had not been caught
up to their necks in it

In this disunited kingdom
there is an old, unwritten rule,
the rich shall be benevolent.

After the stock of failure is added
to the pot of rules broken and lives ruined
what remains will be a feast for the few.

Check the sewers
what rises to the top
is not sweet smelling.



poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2012


2 thoughts on “disunited kingdom

  1. Greed is the engine of success,
    without which we’d be in a mess.
    But when given an excess of time
    greed will slowly morph into crime
    and then’s when we’re put to the test.
    But if we sit and do nothing but whine,
    failure will be the fit measure of our time.

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