Some Kinda Wonderful

Some days we’re all too damn busy trying to get to that place called wonderful. Maybe we should sit ourselves down on the cool steps over there and look around us; I mean take a good look, the kind you ain’t hardly took before.

This could be a good place to call Home. Sure it needs swept and the garbage emptied, and maybe there’s stuff that you have to live with for a while. This place – let’s call it Alright – well it ain’t a bad little place to be.

There are people in Alright that you love and respect and those feelings are reciprocated by those closest to you. So okay, maybe Alright was not your original destination but it just might be as far as you need to get.


2 thoughts on “Some Kinda Wonderful

  1. Really like this! Sometimes all it takes is a humble look at your surroundings to bring you back down to earth; probably something we should do a little more often.

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