The System

Losing everything was a shock to the system.
It is like standing on loose gravel
At the rim of a black and bottomless well,
When one stone shifts and falls:
The sound – taking an eternity to return, echoes.

What system is it that is shaken to the core
As a lifetime’s hard graft is rewarded
with a last glimpse of the life you once had,
When that stone shifts and falls:
The sight – taking an eternity to forget, lingers.

Forget the system. There is no system.
Avoid loose gravel – move on, to solid ground.
Not everyone gets the chance,
This chance in a lifetime
To start over.



poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2012


4 thoughts on “The System

  1. Having been one that got a chance to start over, it’s worth it in the end. At first it’s scary without a net, then you realize how much of an illusion that net was all along. This was a great poem.

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