OD aftermath

Like Poirot, I look for clues,
though nothing quite adds up.

What time did the lady rise?
Shall I say what I am thinking?

I fear that I must tread eggshells
for today she may be broken

too soon

The clues are formal and informal
framed in each new scene.

Did the lady bathe herself today?
Her hair properly brushed?

Other answers simply await
the appropriate question

and timing

There are weeks without clues
just days piling onto other days.

How slowly does she speak?
Has she had her medication?

Patience is a virtue and a blessing
so I think before we speak

in the aftermath



poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2012


3 thoughts on “OD aftermath

  1. I’ve been there … with a father. Well executed piece. Truly. You might like my poem “In Dementia”. I think you’ll find it if you search my blog with that title.

    Poirot: “Tell to me, if you please, did the lady go to her bed before midnight?”


    1. Ah, you’re looking at the wrong blog! I have an Ancestry blog on WordPress that you must have been directed to.

      You need to visit “Poetikat’s Invisible Keepsakes” to find “In Dementia”. Sorry about that!

  2. am really enjoying your poetry! if you would ever like to be a guest poet on my poetry blog, let me know. I ocassionally invite guest poets to post 1-3 poems as an introduction post.

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