Our Empty Garden

A deep red mist haunts the horizon
preventing the sun from breaking through
to this, our empty garden.

Centuries-old seed lies cold in the dirt,
no sonnets shall be inspired today
for birds and butterflies no longer visit.

Hearts, hardened by loss – froze,
we forgot our solemn duty of care;
the riches lost forever.



poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2012


5 comments on “Our Empty Garden

  1. This poem resonates so well with my mood today.

  2. dfb says:

    A beautiful lament! I can almost hear the pipes…

  3. Maurine Kilo says:

    …hearts hardened by loss froze…
    I really enjoy your poetry. You use an economy of words but you go straight to heart!

  4. Not a price I could only read once as it provokes many thoughts and emotions.j

  5. ..and price should read piece..android plays silly at 4am.j

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