The Thief

Many years ago I met a small man
    who became much smaller over time
this small man had big ideas

Other small men made him feel big
    they carried him on their shoulders
the ideas of the small man grew

More small men then appeared
    and lifted up the other small men
all small men got bigger and bigger

The army of small men worshipped
    at the temple of goods and services
provided by the original small man

Some of the small men shared jokes
    about the small man with the big ideas
the small man ignored them

Rumours about the small man circulated
    smaller men nervously looked away
while the small man thought bigger

The small man got distracted by sex
    money and power but not in that order
the small mans ego wore heels

For a while the small man was king
    but small men wearied of his ways
and threw him to the ground

The small man tried to fight the many
    smaller men but they were too strong
and the small man disappeared

Some small men became kings for a day
    other smaller men looked away nervously
though other small men waited in line

poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2012

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