Alison on Turning 30

They’ll slag you off for bein’ 30,
but me, I think 30 is fine,
it’s when a boy is a man
an’ a girl a woman,
each maturing jus’ like fine wine.

An’ jus’ like fine wine they taste nicer,
I think they get better with age,
it’s true what they say,
an’ I say honestly,
that it’s worth turnin’ over the page.

I admit that 30 once seemed so ancient
when I was much younger than now,
but of course, I was wrong,
an’ like they say in the song,
you gotta get thru it somehow!

Yeah there is no trouble bein’ 30
cos 30’s a fine age to be,
for cryin’ out loud,
you gotta be proud,
have a great year ahead an’ you’ll see!!



poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2012


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