Virtual Love

In a tale of two cities, or perhaps it’s two worlds
a virtual boy meets his virtual girl.

Each one falls in love in a virtual way
then settles down, well virtually.

They decide to have kids so have virtual sex
aided albeit by Ctrl y and Ctrl x.

Soon the kids are at college where it’s virtually cool
to meet up with friends at virtual school.

It’s fun just to watch as they virtually grow,
choosing a future, you virtually know.

That some day they will meet in their virtual world
a virtual boy or a virtual girl.

poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2012

One thought on “Virtual Love

  1. It’s hard to know what affect the facebooks and other social media has on the kids of today….the world seems to grow smaller while people move further apart and away from community…a wistful, somewhat sad poem…well written ..

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