It was my first day at the bakery
I came home a different man
I’d gone out a tub of lard
and returned as marzipan

Beware The Dentist

You should never trust your dentist
because you never see him glum
he’s thinking cash as he tries to bash
that last tooth from your gum

To a Mouse

I saw a little mouse today
it crawled beneath my door
my cat pounced and ate it up
she trapped it with her pawr

Join Up

I tried to join the army
I said, “I want to fight”
the answer’s no, I had to go
they said I was too bright

Little Things

People like to put us down
saying things that aren’t true
my wife is not a giant –
I’m just four-foot two

When we go out shopping
their comments are a drag
So I go incognito –
she puts me in her bag

Knock, Knock

It’s dark below the stairs
so dark I’d be a’ feared
I’d knock and knock all day
and nobody would heared



poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2012


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