A Nation Defined

Explain this logic if you will

to those among us gravely ill,

how treatment, as it costs too much,

can be withheld; kicked into touch.

Perhaps this act exemplifies

the use of stat’s and barefaced lies

from politicians, who by their hands,

determine where this nation stands,

on meeting these, its obligations,

defines instead its limitations.



poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2011


One thought on “A Nation Defined

  1. The nation stauns without its troosers
    an’ the labour party noo amuse us.
    Their socialist fig leaf’s fawin aff-
    a man’s a man wiz jist a laugh.
    They’re feart tae tax, of cost they sing:
    thir is a price fur everything.
    So unleash the independence roar
    ‘n’ shove socialism through oor ain front door
    Some nationalist Viagra tae ease the pain-
    Arise and be a nation again!

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