we’re obsessed by keeping in touch
trying hard to be social but perhaps it’s too much
there’s Twitter and Facebook and old MSN
where we type our replies again and again
to questions we’re asked and those we ignored
in a mixture of formats so we don’t get too bored
we’re having a laugh..hanging out with our mates
sharing the gossip and looking for dates
who’s going with who and who is still free
do I fancy them or would they fancy me
we talk about folk..sometimes a disgrace
saying things that we’d never say to their face
but even with friends we’re sometimes offensive
in our sleep-deprived state we’re not so defensive
we say what we want don’t care what folk think
fuelled by the charms of youths with a drink
sometimes we chat to someone we don’t know
don’t really care if they’re a friend or a foe
too young to go drinking or drive in fast cars
we’re putting the words in our own avatars
we’re using emoticons to show how we feel
’cause although we’ve emotions they don’t feel so real
so it’s into the night until it all gets too much
this obsession we have about keeping in touch




poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2011


One thought on “lol

  1. I’m working my way back through accumulated emails. [My Christmas present to myself was no computer while at my mother’s for Christmas.] I wish, though, that I had caught this, as I would have happily read it to the family as a new Night Before Christmas. I hope you had fun writing this.

    Happy New Year, Brian.


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