Give Me Some Room

Give me some room
Just need the space
Feeling spaced out
By this human race

Being encroached on
poached on and smashed
Eggshell being walked on
A life kind of trashed

I’m feeling so sleepy
It’s been a long day
Just want to dream all
The nightmares away

Just give me some room
All I’m needing is space
I’m feeling spaced-out
By the whole human race



poem © copyright Brian Shirra 2011

One thought on “Give Me Some Room

  1. To click “Like” would seem like saying: “I really ‘Like this’ when you express incredible feelings of alienation so well.” So I won’t. Instead will say: “You’ve pretty much described how I feel today.” (On my third day without smoking. First time quitting after fifty-five years of non-stop inhaling an average of 1-1/2 packs per day. Arrrgggg. So yes, not easy “to dream all the nightmares away!”)

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