1969-1973 Zoo

Learning was hard

School – by inference – also

Green metal spiked railings welcomed me

Come in she said

Walk over my grey concourse

See the stars embedded there

Each glistening like moonstones

Temporarily mesmorised

By their beauty

Imagining what knowledge lay within

Step into the dark shadows

Of my concrete and glass


One thought on “1969-1973 Zoo

  1. The first and most important thing I learned in school (thankfully on the first day) was how to sit and stare patiently for hours through that glass at the orchard beyond, watching the leaves fall, and gradually new fruit begin. Each day, when the last bell rang, I came back to consciousness and happily ran to the orchard…where life was to be lived, rather than ‘learned.’ By the end of the first week, I suspect I’d earned the equivalent of a Masters Degree in that regard. Beyond that, it was simply a sentence to be served; the only thing needing practice…was patience. 😉

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