I am not an animated man

For to become animated

I would need to be filmed

Then each frame slowed down

To show something interesting

However as I never do

Something interesting

I would frustrate the editor

Each frame looking like the last

In the old days I think

Expensive film would never

Have been wasted on me

But in the digital age

I am just content

Sadly wasting someone’s time

Time that could have been used

To stay longer with their loved ones

Play ball in the yard

With their youngest

Or smoking that joint

Found under the back seat

Of the classic Chevrolet from ’57,

They restore on the weekend

In Uncle Norm’s garage

On the Westside

Perhaps with hindsight

They should have stayed home

Filming Uncle Norm

And his sky-high helper

Wrecking a fine Automobile


3 thoughts on “Wasted

  1. This poem made me chuckle because I’m reminded of the common phrase that haphazard people utter when they are reminiscing: “my life should be a movie.” Never do they reflect that most of life is boredom, and that movies are only made of the highlights of life. Great poem, following you on Twitter. 😀

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