My Changing World

once I could leap tall buildings in a single bound
walking still meant hopscotching on the sidewalk

my world at my feet

from sixteen to forty I looked at my watch
trying to will the little metal arrow backwards

my world rushing by

I now take smaller steps and arrive fashionably late
worrying no more as the arrow of time slows down

my world now visible

is beautiful


7 comments on “My Changing World

  1. thingy says:

    How lovely. Ah, to hopscotch, one more time. Eh, I could break a hip.

  2. meiro says:

    Great poem, I like it.
    Best wishes.

  3. Judith Evans says:

    “walking still meant hopscotch on the sidewalk” — love this line, as well as the entire poem. Very nice!

  4. Jingle says:

    glad to see beauty in your world.
    bless you.

    Check out poets rally week 45 today…
    Have fun!
    That’s the perfect way to showcase your talent, make poetic friends, and receive poetry awards and more….hope to see you in, blessings.

  5. Mr. Walker says:

    It’s structured very well, the two-line stanzas and then the one-line stanza as commentary/reflection. And very well said.


  6. dandylion28 says:

    love this poem-beautifully simple 🙂

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