We Cry

We cry when we’re born
We cry when we die
We cry in between times
not knowing why

We cry when we laugh
We cry when we’re sad
We cry when life’s good
and when it’s bad

We cry in the sunshine
We cry in the rain
We cry when we’re stable
and when we’re insane

We cry when in love
We cry when we’re not
We cry on the birthday
our lover forgot

We cry when it’s over
We cry every night
We cry in our sleep
until it gets light

We cry when we’ve fallen
We cry when we’re bruised
We cry when we’re lonely
and feeling abused

We cry for the poor
We cry for them all
We cry to Saint Peter
and to Saint Paul

We cry for our freedoms
We cry in our shame
We cry for the people
now doing the same


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