A Moment in Time

One day I noticed that bits of me were going missing , not misplaced or stolen, just gone. Hair, vision, mobility and memory are the anticipated casualties of age, but other things drain almost imperceptibly.

In what seemed like a moment in time I had lost what had taken a lifetime to cultivate – empathy. You see, I could no longer feel someone else’s pain. Perhaps I had failed to nurture the ability or subconsciously I decided to turn my back on society.

Am I wrapped up in me or is this a device for keeping me safe? Some days my mind is clear enough. Some days.

It is easier to write about the human condition second hand, as an observer might, not needing or wishing to be involved. Each day I convince myself that I still care and yet have a nagging feeling that it is superficial.

For other losses I could wear a tupee, get laser eye surgery or pin my hopes on stem cell research but what rehabilitates the human soul? Try making an inventory of everything that makes you human and compare your results in five years time.

Are you still human?


2 thoughts on “A Moment in Time

  1. Love it when the Universe flows me to things I need to hear.. see…dive into..
    I run a vet clinic and have for the last 28 years.. everyday I have to be a million things to a million different people…and sometimes all at the same time… exited for this client…sad with that.. supportive of this…running room to room.
    Reading your question has me looking back over the unfolding of myself in all these situations, and then all the world changes too….
    and the answer that jumps for me this moment is…
    we create.. draw to us…expect with our thoughts and words that which unfolds in our day
    like the simple fact of those that spend their day moaning about how crappy they feel… keep feeling crappy..

    thanks for flowing by

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