I spoke to her from time to time
We’d meet up on the bus
She told me she’d a boyfriend
So there was no talk of us

Anyhow there was no way
That I could say out loud
The feelings that I had for her
While we were in that crowd

I wonder if she ever knew
Or maybe she could sense
That my awkward little stories
Were my last line of defence

It doesn’t seem that long ago
That I looked for her each day
Hoping that when she’d get on
She’d smile and walk my way

Big brown eyes and short dark hair
Her perfume was so sweet
That every time I saw her
She knocked me off my feet

We never did or never could
I don’t know which is true
Untangle all those webs we made
To start up something new

I changed jobs and got new friends
Old friends they got lost
Now I’m looking back again
I realise the cost

It’s too late now to change a thing
I’m not sure that I would
Better being a memory
At least it’s something good

From time to time I think of her
It brightens up my day
I wonder if she does the same
I hope so anyway


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