The Swan

A re-posting of an old favourite – thank you to everyone who made this the most commented on poem.

Last summer I took a photograph of a Swan

Arriving with little fuss, a great big, majestic white Swan

It swam towards the shore, this Swan

Set apart from the others, a lone Swan

Her image reflected but there was just one Swan

No prissy preening required, this Swan

Knew how beautiful she was; a turning-heads Swan

Gracefullly moving back and fro, a Swan

In a fashion show, feathered perfect, head held Swan

Like with eyes to the front, a dedicated, professional Swan

So aloof, yet craving attention, a slightly desperate Swan

With the backdrop of the sun setting, a scene-stealing Swan

Who delighted in being a Swan


31 thoughts on “The Swan

  1. For sure is delightful being a swan. so much grace and beauty … and your words have the same touch. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. lovely,

    enjoyed the imagery.

    I have your entry in the collection, please visit and comment for 18 poets within 7 days, let us know after you are done via commenting.


  4. That’s a truely majestic swan! I love the end ‘Who delighted in being a Swan’… We should learn from this swan about this one – to love being ourselves 🙂

  5. A swan’s beauty is majestic and sophisticated, which makes it more impressive. But if one’s beauty is all one has, then, like you said, it becomes desperate and craves validation. I like this very insightful piece!

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