Pen to Paper

Pen to PaperI put pen to paper, words on a page,

to capture a moment, an eon, an age.

Dust down the cliches that I use all the time

where lonely is blue and moon and June rhyme.

Then put them all back like they’re old friends

though all they provide is a means to an end.

You see the less time I think means the less time I feel

and the least time doing that means the more I can heal

From the pain and the hurt that engulfs me each day

through each quiet moment despite what I say.

There are times when I wonder if some folks I should ask

are you feeling like me behind your happy mask?

It is hardly surprising I keep this to myself

for there’s stuff not worth sharing with that somebody else.

See the minute I speak you close up your ears

pretending you’ve heard all I’ve said down the years.

But I can see through you, it’s a little known fact

that the life that you lead is simply an act.

For life isn’t complex, it’s true that it’s strange,

we are each given puzzles that we must rearrange.

And when pieces don’t fit we can howl, we can cry,

stare at the stars or ask ourselves why.

Why did this all happen? How did this come about?

It’s just choices we make when we’re starting out.


7 comments on “Pen to Paper

  1. PinkLady says:

    what a beautiful piece! the rhythmic tone makes it sound lyrical. well done!

  2. Scent of my heart says:

    For life isn’t complex, it’s true that it’s strange,
    we are each given puzzles that we must rearrange…. what a lovely saying.
    I enjoyed reading this so much! Thanks for sharing! Keep the good work!

  3. fiveloaf says:

    personas are normally encountered at work . those who carried it onto personal relationships cannot be real friends.. thank you for sharing this..

  4. Jingle says:

    welcome join us tonight at Jingle Poetry Potluck, have fun!
    Thanks for the inspirations and in your entries now..

    Happy Writing!


  5. Kezang says:

    Nice one…keep it up and never wait to write from your heart,
    i enjoyied reading your poem and artical…keep writing never keep your pen rest!

    Poet from Bhutan

  6. The complexities of life…I like how the poem conveys wonders and the whys. An excellent write.

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