Hard Travellin’

Travellin’ towards Mid-West

I watch the wagons roll

We’ll lose a few along the way

Hard Travellin’ takes it’s toll.

Set up camp as river snakes

Water’s much too deep to ford

We may be here a day or two

Not of our own accord.

Preacher says some prayers

Thanks The Lord for our provision

Headin’ West to teach His Word

By setting’ up a mission.

Some Bostonians travel with us too

Actin’ quite refined

Looks like they don’t mix too well

Preferin’ their own kind.

Shiverin’ as we sit here

Round this stick-ash fire

Repeatin our tall stories

’til gittin’ good n’ tired.

At last we lie n’ watch the Moon

Ride circles round forever

Listenin’ to the wind whip up

Bringin’ next days’ weather.


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