Vestiges of an Old Flame

I cannot sleep so lie and stare,
breathe deeply from the salty air,
watch you tremble, hear you moan,
and, though together, feel alone.

I dream again what might have been
if looking in those eyes I’d seen,
an awakening of care – of love,
instead I find a lack thereof.

I doze a while drift out to sea
where the far horizon captures me,
and wraps me in it’s warm embrace
devoid of form yet full of grace.

I wake once more but with a start
enthralled by my still-beating heart,
and lay me down at once suppine,
to ponder what is yours and mine.

5 thoughts on “Vestiges of an Old Flame

  1. really a very lovely rhythm you have captured…evocative…though together feel alone….
    and that plays well off the last line as well….well done….still processing mine..ha

  2. This is a beautiful and perfect example of what I wanted today. Beautiful melody on a dance like rhythm of iambic tetrameter. The movement a foxtrot dance of commitment mixed with regret. Anyone who says this isn’t a part of every marriage is lying. There is always a sameness that occurs somewhere along the way, a curiosity about the journey not taken, about what would have lain ahead on that sea voyage one never made. This is particularly adept and expertly rendered. Thank you.

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