Moonlight So High

I can’t get to sleep
so I go for a drive
the place is deserted
like no-one’s alive

I feel so invisible
the moonlight so high
wheels makin’ the sound
of a soft lullaby

I’m feeling the chill
of the truth deep inside
letting go of a secret
I can no longer hide

I see that I’m nearing
the edges of town
If I don’t go back soon
I may not turn around

But where would I go
and what would I do
when all that I am
reminds me of you

You see I’ve forgotten
what we had in the past
those dreams that we had
and why they didn’t last

It’s 4 in the morning
and the sky’s getting pink
just driving around
is making me think

I guess life is worth living
and love’s a fine goal
but use your head first
before losing your soul


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