Today I saw Shannen

Today I saw Shannen.

She is as beautiful as I

have ever imagined anyone to be

In all my years, of which

there are so many.

Today I saw Shannen.

I saw the side of her face,

an honest, gentle smile

being afforded to others.

She seemed happy.

Today I saw Shannen.

Her manicured brows raised,

giving an air of surprise

to all those fortunate souls

who stood in front of her.

Today I saw Shannen

I glanced at her more than once

but less than thrice.

Feeling awkward, I moved on,

for I was on a mission.

Today I saw Shannen.

Unusually I was shopping,

or I was shopping unusually.

Either way I arrived at her till.

glad that she was so friendly.

Today I saw Shannen.

Up close and from a distance.

I noticed her long dark hair,

uncommonly wavy, as it

wriggled down her back.

Today I saw Shannen.

The encounter reminded me

of a moment from my youth

when beauty overwhelmed me

and I became something else.

Something better.

A New Beginning

Hello again.

It’s been ages since I even thought about signing back onto dear old WordPress. A family related situation had arisen.

The time off has given me an opportunity to rethink what I should be doing here. You see I’d thought that this blog would be a good place to get my own words out. I even maintained a variety of other blogs so that I might promote (and that’s the wrong word, I think) other writers. I was wrong.

I am now of a mind to acknowledge that other folks words – or at least links to them – should occupy this, and only this blog. Now and again I may even write some poetry too. I was trying to do too much and often succeeding not at all. I had enough “other stuff” going on in my life.

In any case I think it rather odd that I managed, somehow, to show an interest in everything that YOU do without asking anything about you. Nor did I tell you much about me.

With this in mind I’d like to share something and perhaps you’d be kind enough to share in return. Just for starters though.

In my youth I read two books that altered the way I thought about the world. I have recently re-read both on my Kindle. The first is Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and the second is Illusions by Richard Bach.

Can you tell me which two books (excluding religious tomes) have had a similar effect on you?

Consider this an open, non-judgemental area for speaking.

I would love to hear from you.

Thanks – Brian.

The Others

Once, there was a time we did not know that the grass was greener on the other side of our hill, our forest and our ocean.

Once we knew that crops could fail, that we became ill and that we could die, we discovered that our forests could be made into boats.

Once, when we discovered that there were others, we became fearful but, through time, we learned how to trust and how to trade.

Once we began to judge ourselves, our families and our friends it was not long before we began to judge all of the others.

The others had bigger boats, sharper tools and did not work so hard. The others were always smiling, even through hard times.

The others caught bigger fish and had many feasts. The others had many more people to share the work of feeding everyone.

The others had knowledge enough to sort through their seeds, taking out the bad ones, and the others grew taller and stronger.

The others began to judge themselves, their relatives, their trading partners. The others became less happy. It was the others who changed.

Refugee photo courtesy of Pixabay.


I want to unplug myself from this universe.
To calm down, stop thinking for a while.
Not just "going to sleep" but comatose.


Only if it is fluffy clouds,
The kind one sees from planes.
A journey without the turbulence. 

But with the desire to jump. 
Free falling into the void and
Hoping that the clouds are indeed cotton.

No hard landing. But what if I'm wrong?

May I please land on a politician.

If I Told You

If I told you that the sky is blue, the grass is green, would that be enough for you?

If I told you that your every fear is rational and you are doing what you ought to do.

If I told you to hate someone who never hated you, would you then have to hate them too?

If I told you that none of the above is true, what would that knowledge do to you?