I wish that I…

I wish that I had known then
what I still do not know now
For what I know now, or knew then
Is simply what I believed I knew
Which, as everyone knows, is not the same thing..
As knowledge.
It was and indeed is belief.

Which does rather beg the question:
If I only ever reached the stage of believing
That I know something, do I?
Or is it that I simply can never truly know something at all?
Which would explain my inability to follow simple instructions on self assembly furniture.

Oh, and maps..

..and directions..

..and love..

..and life..

..and so on..


The world that surrounds us is hard,
Its conceit, to make us hard too.
We abandon the soft cloth of childhood
To dress in the uniform of being an adult.

The uniform does not fit every soldier,
It snags in places that discomforts many.
Concrete and its makers are hard
But we are smooth, soft and blood filled.

Our wrinkles are where memories live,
Stored there until they fall to earth again.
The aged mind finds whimsy once more
Where shadows of the dead and the living dance.

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